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Drug Rehab For Pregnant Women Specialized Prenatal Treatment

detox for pregnant women

Therefore, you should only use herbal supplements after consulting a doctor. It is particularly pertinent as herbal supplements are not regulated by the US FDA like other medications (7). If you’re a pregnant woman attending rehab, you should attend inpatient treatment. This is especially true if you’re receiving detox or treatment for addiction to sedatives or opioids. Any kind of inhalant drug can cause a pregnant woman to experience life-threatening breathing problems, convulsions or seizures, or even a coma.

detox for pregnant women

To learn more about our rehab for pregnant women services, contact us anytime. Pregnancy is a time of joy, but for those struggling with addiction, it can be a dangerous period. Substance abuse may have negative effects on both the mother and the fetus.

In the meantime, here are some of the ways we guide you through the detox process. Additionally, drink plenty of water and other hydrating beverages to stay optimally hydrated (6). Another negative way that alcohol abuse can affect expectant mothers is by causing a miscarriage or stillbirth. This is because the body isn’t running at its best when it’s consuming excessive amounts of alcohol each day.

The fiber they provide sustains your energy longer than refined grains and helps prevent constipation, a common problem during pregnancy. Women that use PCP or LSD during pregnancy may experience confusion, delusions, or hallucinations. Copyright © 2024, The information provided by is not a substitute for professional medical advice. View our editorial content guidelines to learn how we create helpful content with integrity and compassion. Women may feel lonely or isolated during pregnancy or in the period after their baby is born. Fortunately, many resources are available to provide community, education, and support.

What Is Pregnant Women Detox Program?

Dr. Richard Crabbe joined our team in 2019 as our psychiatrist and medical director. He attended the University of Ghana Medical School where he became a Medical Doctor in 1977. From 1978 through 1984, he was a medical officer in the Ghana Navy and provided a variety of services from general medicine to surgeries. He received his Certificate in General Psychology from the American Board of Psychology and Neurology in 2002.

After all, our entire treatment center is focused on assisting people who have substance abuse. Doing detox yourself while pregnant can be dangerous as you don’t know what side effects and outcomes the specific drugs can have on your body. You should consult ChoicePoint’s online drug rehab program for pregnant women if you want to live life without drug dependency. A recent study suggested that naltrexone is safe for pregnant women for drug detoxification.

  1. Our goal is to provide clients with the foundation necessary to sustain lasting and meaningful recovery.
  2. Inpatient or residential treatment centers for pregnant women must provide some level of prenatal care and medical support for women as they progress through their pregnancies.
  3. There are too many social, cultural, and personal factors involved in substance abuse to address them all during detox.
  4. The plan will include all the medications and therapies recommended for you.

Abusing substances while pregnant affects unborn babies because it affects the mothers. This is because the mother is the person that the unborn baby is living and feeding off of until he or she is ready to enter the world. Choicepoint also offers outpatient drug detoxification program for pregnant women. At ChoicePoint, our qualified staff is professional and strictly non-judgmental towards every patient.

In fact, we strongly recommend you stay for residential rehabilitation treatment. Here, you will explore your life issues and discover ways to improve them. We do this through group and individual therapy, life skills classes, and music and recreation therapies. Dietary detoxes involve eating healthy fruits and vegetables, so you may think that it is safe.

Therapies for Rehab

A recovery journey is rarely easy for anyone and may be especially difficult for pregnant women or new mothers. Giving whatever support you can will likely mean a great deal to your loved one, as they may feel lonely or overwhelmed. Aftercare can include treatment services like case management, relapse prevention support, ongoing individual or family therapy, and group counseling or peer support groups. Substance abuse during pregnancy, even in a single instance, poses many risks for the mother and can also be detrimental to the development of her growing fetus. In most instances, the pregnant woman had a problem with substance abuse before she became pregnant, then had difficulty stopping their substance use during pregnancy. And while addiction and substance abuse can be expected in pregnant women, most women do not develop substance use disorders after they become pregnant.

Your loved one may not be aware that programs are specialized for pregnant women, and there may even be options nearby. For some, the challenges and difficulties of pregnancy can lead to a dependency on drugs or alcohol as a way of coping or self-medicating. There is no scientific evidence that shows that detox during pregnancy can help with morning sickness. However, lemon, ginger, and mint are some natural food items you may include in your diet to alleviate morning sickness. Read up on ways to protect your baby and yourself from harmful, over-processed foods and make your prenatal diet as safe and natural as possible. The abuse of methamphetamine can cause an expectant mother to experience miscarriage, an abruption of the placenta prior to birth, or even brain damage or a stroke.

detox for pregnant women

Detoxing from drugs while pregnant can feel like a gigantic hurdle to cross without help. However, with our experts assisting you, you can move through detox safely. There are too many social, cultural, and personal factors involved in substance abuse to address them all during detox.

Dangers and Risks of Abusing Alcohol While Pregnant

The professional will help you determine the detox duration suitable for you and whether you should detox during pregnancy. Some detox and cleanse programs include herbs, herbal remedies, and herbal supplements as part of their diet. Also, herbs like cilantro and parsley increase the risk of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy.

You get customized care when you come to The Woods at Parkside for detoxing from drugs while pregnant. If your condition permits and you can’t stay for long-term residential rehab, we might recommend partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs. Without therapy, it’s very common for people to relapse and start using drugs again, often while still pregnant. Addressing your substance abuse triggers, learning to manage stress, and gaining support can make an amazing difference in your ability to stay away from drugs.

Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on the Unborn Baby

Seeking help for a pregnant woman battling addiction or substance abuse can be complicated and delicate. Here are some steps to take to talk to a pregnant loved one about their drug or alcohol use. Sometimes this means a sober living home where people can stay and live with others who are also on their own recovery paths. Some rehab facilities that treat pregnant women may partner with sober living homes or offer referrals to nearby sober housing. These rehab centers usually provide some form of childcare while the mothers are in therapy or appointments and may even provide therapy to the children as well. Did you know you can get customized care when detoxing from drugs while pregnant?