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How to Tell if Someone Is on Drugs

how to find out if someone is on drugs

This is concerning especially if this is a new behavior. Some drugs, like alcohol, marijuana, crack, or meth, have distinct smells that individuals may try to cover up. Repeated and constant use will be hard to disguise. You may notice those smells on their clothes, in their car or bedroom, or on their breath or skin.

how to find out if someone is on drugs

Different types of drugs produce different effects on your physical and mental health. There are common signs and symptoms that suggest a person is on drugs. Some drugs will suppress appetite while others may cause rapid weight gain. If you notice that your loved one’s weight has changed without explanation, it could mean that they have begun to regularly use addictive substances. It is currently estimated that about 10% of adults struggle with a substance abuse disorder. A large majority of those adults never seek treatment.

Signs of Drug Abuse

Often, it takes a drugging victim a while to get a clear head and figure out what might have happened. This confusion is portrayed movingly in Michaela Cole’s hit HBO series, I May Destroy You. If you think your loved one is abusing drugs, it’s important to get help early. By having an early intervention, you can improve their chances of a successful recovery. You might be able to observe sudden changes in people you know well, such as a family member.

Addiction and the intense need for a drug may cause someone who is normally very docile to become agitated and aggressive. Also, stimulant drugs may cause a normally depressed person to appear very energetic or even manic. If you have been drugged and/or sexually assaulted but do not want to identify the abuser, you can track the kit anonymously while you consider your options.

If you believe that your loved one may be dealing with substance abuse or drug addiction, reaching out to them is the best way to start a conversation help. Substance abuse can be overcome, and the odds of long-term recovery increase when a person seeks help through a professionally trained recovery center. Knowing how to tell if someone is on drugs can help you recognize when professional help is needed. Forgetfulness, Trouble Concentrating, or Paying Attention. Some drugs may cause impaired memory, inability to focus, or loss of time due to blackouts.

General Lack of Motivation, Energy, or Self-Esteem. Because of the ups and downs involved with drug abuse, you may notice that this person is showing more depressive side effects, especially when they’re coming down from a high. They may choose to sleep all the time or not want to do anything that requires them to be out of reach of their drug. They may be depressed when they are not high or start to look at themselves negatively. Knowing the signs that someone is on drugs may help you identify when there is a problem. Taking steps to address this problem may save your loved one’s life.

how to find out if someone is on drugs

Missing School or Work with No Legitimate Excuse. In order to get high or to hide their drug abuse, your loved one may miss school or work but have no good excuse as to why. They may have even told you that they were still going to school or work. You may not even notice this until the school calls or until they stop receiving paychecks.

How to Tell if Someone Is on Drugs

Meth has one of the highest global rates of misuse. Over 14 million people (5.4 percent of the population) have tried meth at least once. BetterHelp can connect you to an addiction and mental health counselor.

They often let drug use get in the way of their relationships with friends, family members, and romantic partners. The areas of the brain affected and changed by drug abuse are the same areas of the brain that control cognition and include learning, memory, and higher reasoning. When drugs are abused, those areas in the brain are altered. This disrupts normal functions and may cause a deficit in memory. Some of the most abused drugs are stimulants or depressants. Addictive substances alter the brain’s natural circadian rhythm which can actually cause sleep disturbances well after someone has stopped using the drug.

  1. You may not even notice this until the school calls or until they stop receiving paychecks.
  2. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, and crystal meth are available in powder form.
  3. When you misuse these drugs, you’ll experience changes in mood, level of awareness, thoughts, and feelings.
  4. Your loved one may show signs of an increased need for money with little explanation as to why.

Encourage them by helping them explore other treatment methods and ways to get sober. Heroin, crystal meth, and other drugs can also be administered intravenously. This means the drugs are injected directly into the bloodstream. We’d love the opportunity to help you during this overwhelming and difficult process. The Summit Wellness Group is located in Georgia and all of your calls will be directed to one of our local staff members. Our sincere passion is helping people recover so that they can live full, meaningful and healthy lives.

They may try to sneak in or out of the house, try to hide their drugs in their room or car, and they may spend more time alone in their room with the door locked. They may also choose to spend more time than usual away from home to hide their use. Over time, drug use alters the chemical and functional structures of the brain.

Continued use can lead to drug tolerance, physical dependence, addiction, and substance abuse disorders (SUDs). This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

Signs and Symptoms of Depressant Drug Abuse

These often lead individuals to become forgetful. The fact that drug use can often become a top priority may also cause them to lose interest in any other responsibilities. They may forget about plans or things they were supposed to do. There is often a direct link between chemical alterations of the brain becoming visible through the eyes. Some drugs will cause redness or bloodshot eyes, while some will alter pupil size.

They often treat muscle spasms, anxiety disorders, and sleep problems. Certain prescription stimulants treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. People who abuse these drugs can easily become addicted or dependent on them.

Psychological Signs of Drug Use

When drug use becomes a priority in someone’s life, hygiene and outward appearance may become less and less important. Some may forget they haven’t taken care of themselves because of the mental effects of their drug use. Others simply stop caring as their time is consumed by the high and then getting more of their drug so they can get high again. Remember to offer help and support, especially if they’re interested in getting treatment.

Most sexual assault kits include materials to test for substances, but the medical staff may not use them unless you mention that you think you were drugged. Let the Emergency Room staff know if you have an idea what drug might have been used. Drugs typically refer to highly addictive substances such as cocaine, heroin, and meth.