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men's rehab program

When it comes to effective men’s rehabilitation, finding the right drug recovery center is key, and that is why many men specifically look for men’s drug rehab options. These substance abuse recovery facilities consider physical and mental factors that can fuel addiction in men and give them a safe men-only rehab space to get clean. While these programs are highly varied, patients should know a few things in advance about men’s rehabilitation centers. We understand how desperate family members are to help their loved ones.

The mens rehab center is medically staffed with professionals working around the clock to ensure the safest transition from addiction to sobriety. Like many other rehab for men, the men’s addiction treatment center offers detox, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and others. Various programs offered also touch on co-occurring disorders, which is often the basis for many cases of addiction. In addition, this rehab for men provides deluxe outdoor scenery and surrounding that inspire a deeper connection with oneself and others. The internationally recognized men’s addiction treatment center is well-equipped with trauma-trained medical professionals.

If you are a man in recovery looking to connect to a strong recovering community, contact The Retreat today. Red Oak recovery rehab for men offers clinical drug and alcohol treatment for young adults struggling with addiction. The gender-specific mens rehab center is unique in its practices, providing mental support to the different challenges and causes of addiction. In addition, the dual-licensed expert clinicians proffer evidence-based solutions for mens rehabilitation.

The availability of men-only rehab can increase the chances of men seeking the treatment they need. At Evoke Wellness, our men’s addiction treatment center provides men with evidence-based therapies and support geared specifically to their unique needs. Addiction may be a lifelong struggle, but many mens drug rehab appears to possess the silver bullet to this health problem. Some of their mens rehab program parts include detox, residential treatment, individual programs for each gender, treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, outpatient programs, and others.

This rehab facility in Canton, MA, is accredited by The Joint Commission.

How Does Addiction Affect Men Differently?

Inpatient treatment for men and veterans rehab programs include counseling, group therapy, medical care, and more. These mental health disorders make someone more likely to use substances. Their mental health challenges make them more likely to develop a substance use disorder. Remember, men’s recovery is grounded in the idea that together, we can accomplish things that cannot be done alone.

men's rehab program

While both women’s recovery and men’s recovery are instrumental in battling addiction, they require different environments to thrive. Typically speaking, men are more likely to start using drugs and therefore, fall into addiction. These programs will help those suffering create bonds that will last for life with like-minded individuals that support each other during recovery.

Some find it easier to focus on recovery in gender-specific programs. Addiction is a chronic disease that affects nearly 20 million American adults. Unfortunately, there’s a terrible stigma that surrounds addiction, which makes it difficult for some to seek out a men’s recovery center on their own. While it might seem like you have nowhere to turn, The Retreat for men provides a supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals and work towards recovery.

Addiction Treatment for Men

As such, it is important that they consider which ones are most important to them and contact a center that offers those specific services. The matter is that men’s socialization refers to patterns of independence, stoicism, self-sufficiency, and invulnerability. Realizing that they are not alone in the supportive peer-to-peer environment helps to make the first steps for recovery faster. While these three therapy structures are the most common, they are not the only rehab options available. There are both private drug facilities as well as state-funded centers. Gender-specific care is the term for a treatment program that is tailored to the needs of a certain gender.

  1. If you’re an individual looking for a men’s recovery program that will help you improve your treatment and strengthen your life in recovery, contact us today.
  2. Men, generally, abuse alcohol and drugs more often and in higher quantities than women.
  3. When men are treated separately from women, they are more likely to be receptive to treatment and more likely to have positive outcomes.
  4. The rehab for men takes into cognizance the role that family and trauma experiences play in mental health and the development of addiction.
  5. As a result of your shared experiences, these facilities encourage a close bond that allows clients to be open, improving the efficacy of psychotherapy and other treatments.

The Men’s Recovery Program starts with education and helps our participants better understand their treatment options for substance use. The goal of our men’s program is to learn how to move forward with a life of sobriety. The men’s program allows each member to help each other develop the spiritual skills they need to build new lives. We firmly believe that any man who is motivated to accept help can find lasting and meaningful recovery through the Twelve Steps. INFO- It is unlikely that a patient will find all of these therapies in rehab for men.

Some speculate this is due to relapse triggers, including trauma, abuse, and negative emotions. Some men are more likely to be competitive or aggressive during recovery. The success of a group program requires the group to support one another. AddictionResource aims to present the most accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date medical content to our readers.

Will A Men’s Addiction Treatment Program Require Regular Drug Testing?

In order to schedule appointments or assess your Men’s Health Scores, you will need to create a Mayo account and take the appropriate questionnaires found under the service lines. Otherwise, feel free to explore the services tab to access information and videos on topics you are interested in. You nor your loved one are under any obligation to commit to an Ark Behavioral Health treatment program when calling our helpline. Addiction Resource aims to provide only the most current, accurate information in regards to addiction and addiction treatment, which means we only reference the most credible sources available. Men who are first responders can find a gender-informed treatment track at this facility that addresses trauma and related issues they may be experiencing.

Men’s Rehab – Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs & Centers

Men-only rehab programs address the unique challenges men face in recovery. Addiction Resource team has compiled an extensive list of the top drug rehabilitation facilities around the country. Click on the state you are interested in, and you’ll get a list of the best centers in the area, along with their levels of care, working hours, and contact information.

They allow guests to understand how living with addiction is possible and help to reduce the likelihood of a relapse. Men’s drug recovery can be a long process, but it’s a worthwhile one. At The Retreat, we offer recovery programs that address different aspects of sober living so that our guests are prepared to live and work on their own. Each day contains the structure that’s needed to help battle addiction and live a more meaningful life. You’ll also gain access to specialized AA events, therefore strengthening your support system both inside and outside of the program.The first step in living a healthy, sober life is to seek help.

Healing spring rehab for men operates an integrated addiction model based on the underlying causes of drug or alcohol addiction and possible trauma and health issues that may have contributed directly or indirectly. The rehab for men takes into cognizance the role that family and trauma experiences play in mental health and the development of addiction. Therefore, the integrated model is a program that tackles unresolved pains and mental trauma and helps the patient build coping mechanisms. We believe that one of the most powerful tools for our men’s alcohol recovery program is the attendance of regular AA meetings.

Apart from these activities, Dr. Weiss also delivers lectures for youth, former addicts, and everyone interested in topics such as substance abuse and treatment. While males are more likely to need drug rehab than females, there are male-centered rehabs that means they can get the substance abuse treatment they need. Inpatient rehab for men, also known as inpatient rehabilitation, is where the patient remains at the facility at all hours of the day and night throughout treatment. This type of therapy provides the most intense level of care and the greatest amount of supervision. When you call our helpline, you’ll be connected with a representative who can assist you in finding mental health and addiction treatment resources at any of the Ark Behavioral Health addiction treatment facilities.