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MR Findings of Alprazolam Injection into the Femoral Artery with Microembolization and Rhabdomyolysis PMC

how to inject xanax

We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Intravenous drug users often develop bacteremia, endocarditis, cutaneous infections, ulcers, and abscesses from their activities [1, 2]. However, inadvertent or deliberate intra-arterial injection also occurs commonly, causing severe tissue ischemia and necrosis. Immediately after injection, the patient feels intense pain and burning, followed by edema and cyanosis of the arterial territory within hours [3, 4].

At our rehab center, we specialize in treating dual-diagnosis disorders. All of our treatments are carried out by skilled members of staff who have experience in mental health symptoms and medication management. Any form of Xanax abuse can lead to physical dependence and addiction, including oral alprazolam consumption.

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Despite the possible consequences, once an addiction to alprazolam takes hold of someone, they may not be able to quit without prescription drug addiction treatment and medical assistance. People who inject drugs, especially when they’re central nervous system depressants, are at a much higher risk of fatal respiratory depression and death. If you are injecting Xanax and mixing it with other central nervous depressants like alcohol or opioids, the Xanax overdose risks are exponentially higher. Xanax is a schedule IV controlled substance, which means it has a low potential for drug abuse and dependence. Despite this classification, many people seek the drug for its sedative and euphoric effects. Furthermore, when all that Xanax hits the central nervous system at once, it can greatly depress functions like heart rate and breathing, placing the individual at risk of losing consciousness, coma, and death.

  1. The drug itself may cause direct vasoconstriction as in the case of cocaine or amphetamines, or the additives in the drugs may cause vasospasm or thrombosis [5].
  2. Your drug addiction will slowly become more severe until you’re taking high doses in risky ways.
  3. If you inject Xanax directly into your bloodstream, you greatly increase your risk of Xanax overdose.
  4. Xanax (alprazolam) is a prescription medication used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.
  5. Those in recovery may be temporarily prescribed other medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, such as longer-acting benzodiazepines.

When an individual has become dependent on Xanax, stopping taking the drug abruptly or going cold turkey could cause severe side effects. The management of intra-arterial drug injection resulting in only mild to moderate limb ischemia has traditionally been nonsurgical, consisting of heparin as well as limb elevation and pain control [4]. Many other medical treatment regimens have been utilized, including vasodilators, anticoagulants, and corticosteroids [9, 10, 11], but clinical efficacy has yet to be rigorously established. If edema and ischemia are more severe and lead to compartment syndrome, emergent faciotomy is necessary to preserve the limb and to avoid possible amputation. In fact, drug abuse is classified as when a person decides to take a drug without the instructions of a medical professional. People who abuse Xanax generally determine what dose is best for them based on the feeling they wish to experience instead of what the doctor prescribes.

Xanax: Methods of Abuse

Join 40,000+ People Who Receive Our Newsletter Get valuable resources on addiction, recovery, wellness, and our treatments delivered directly to your inbox. As tolerance to the drug builds, people may take larger doses to achieve the same effects. These methods of Xanax abuse can be extremely dangerous and lead to several serious side effects. Xanax is typically taken orally and is not meant to be snorted, smoked, or injected. Xanax addiction can wreak havoc on your relationships, your health, and every other aspect of your life.

how to inject xanax

However, it can be addictive and should not be taken without a doctor’s supervision. American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. When the mixture has been drawn into the syringe, it is ready for injection into the vein. If you find yourself sharing needles, there is a high chance that you will eventually pick up a blood-borne illness like HIV/AIDs or Hepatitis C. Both could potentially kill you.

Some of the AddictionLink services are also available in Swedish, English and Russian. If a young person has problems with alcohol, drugs or gaming, they can seek help from a youth station (nuorisoasema). The young person can come to a youth station alone or together with the parents. Seek treatment at an A-Clinic through the intoxicant abuse services (päihdepalvelut) of your area of residence.

As it avoids the digestive system, the effects of the substance occur much faster in the central nervous system. However, a study on the effect of diazepam (another benzodiazepine) on animals showed nasal administration, or snorting the drug, did not help the benzodiazepine reach the brain any faster. The results still remain unclear surrounding how snorting Xanax changes the time it takes to experience effects. Eventually, this constant increase in doses may lead to physical dependence, which is marked by withdrawal symptoms that occur when Xanax use is discontinued. Users with Xanax dependence may continue to take the drug to prevent withdrawals from occurring, which are often uncomfortable and terrifying.

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On physical exam, the patient refused to move the right lower extremity, which was mottled and blanched with palpation. Ankle-brachial indices were greater than 1.0, normal and symmetric bilaterally. The right common femoral, profunda and femoral veins also demonstrated normal, spontaneous, phasic flow. However, the right greater saphenous vein was occluded, likely unrelated to this episode.

Before searching for how to shoot Xanax, users should take note of the possible risks. Over time, the person may eventually develop a psychological addiction to Xanax, making it nearly impossible for them to control how often and how much of it they use. Someone with a Xanax addiction can take as many as 20 or 30 pills a day.

Development Of Physical Dependence

Several differing mechanisms have been suggested that might explain the cause of such vascular injury. The drug itself may cause direct vasoconstriction as in the case of cocaine or amphetamines, or the additives in the drugs may cause vasospasm or thrombosis [5]. Finally, the drug mixture microparticles may act as emboli, especially when oral drug formulations are injected [6, 7]. Xanax is a prescription, brand-name drug with the generic name alprazolam. It belongs to a larger class of prescription drugs called benzodiazepines or benzos.

Due to its effects on the central nervous system, Xanax and other benzos like Ativan and Valium, can be habit-forming. If you struggle with Xanax addiction, contact us today to speak to one of our compassionate experts. There have been anecdotal reports of people smoking Xanax in recent years. There are several ways to take Xanax, including oral tablets, capsules, and liquid form.

However, if they are taken against the specific guidelines of a healthcare professional, benzos like Xanax can be potentially dangerous. Although Xanax is a prescription drug, it has a high potential for abuse. Our team is trained to treat withdrawal symptoms, help patients manage drug cravings, teach patients how to sustain sobriety after rehab, and more. With the help of our faith-based recovery programs, including medically monitored detox and therapy treatment, addiction won’t rule over your life any longer.

Medical therapy consisting of low molecular weight heparin, aspirin, and amlodipine was initiated in order to prevent vessel spasm and thrombosis. Leukocytosis ensued on hospital day two with peak of 29,600 per microliter, at which point vancomycin was started empirically for presumed bacteremia secondary to intravenous drug use. However, it was eventually decided the leukocytosis was secondary to rhabdomyolysis, and the vancomycin was discontinued after two days.